Thursday, January 29, 2004

im setting up an online journal for English 309 Mythologies class. the purpose of the journal is to reflect on issues from the class and share ideas with other class members. I will try to contribute an entry to this journal for every class meeting. this page will also have

- links to other peoples websights for ENGL 309
- a record of group #3's activities
- other helpful material that is pertinant to the class

Mythological Backgrounds:

"Myth is the source of reality and truth inasmuch as it provides human beings with models and patterns of behavior thought to be divinely established."
- Sexson

Key People to Remember:

- Xenophanes: greek thinker ca. 600BC; Gods are a projection of the human mind.

- Euhemerus: Greek ca. 300AD; mythology is based upon history, The Gods were characters based on actual people whose achievements and reputation have become greatly exxagerated.

- Copernicus: 1543 developed heliocentric theory; myth that the world is flat is scientifically disproven.

- Sir james g Frazer: mythical behavior and the fundamental basics of all religion is a "crude attempt to explain the natural world"(Sexson).

- Friedrich Nietzsche: "God is dead"

- Karl Marx: "Religion is the opiate of the masses"

- Sigmund Freud: religion is "the obsessional neurosis of children"

- mircea Eliade: mythical happenings took place in "illo tempore"; basically in a time before time was being recorded. Myths are sacred, exemplary, and significant.

- joseph campbell: myth is comprehinsive symbolic form that orients people to all dimensions of reality. all heroic characters share a common pattern of "separation - initiation - return."; "the hero is the depiction of the quest of the human soul for complete realization."(Sexson)

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